Baptism of the Lord


Mass Readings:

We are very much reminded of our baptisms during this Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord. Jesus is the Son of God, why in the world would he need to be baptized? It is the very fact that he is human that makes this such a beautiful and symbolic event in His life, and important for every Christian today. When we enter the church and touch the holy water to do the sign of the cross, take that brief moment to reflect on this awesome moment in His life knowing that he is the way; the only way.

Music Selections

YouTube Playlist:

OpeningAll Are WelcomeG3 850
ResponsePsalm 104:1b-2,3-4,24-25,27-28,29-30SP 2019
Offertory – 1Rain DownG3 582
Offertory – 2Baptized in WaterG3 903
Communion – 1You Have Anointed MeG3 773
Communion – 2Come to the WaterG3 584
ClosingWith One VoiceSS 232